Iliyan Nedkov

Born: March 18, 1958 in the village of Svalenik, Ruse region

Ilian Nedkov started judo by accident. He first started wrestling (1972), but had to fight in the city judo championship. Participates and overcomes them. Then the coach Valentin Petrov liked him for this sport and that's how it started.

"Soon after that there was a republican one in Asenovgrad," says Nedkov. - I participated and became the second. The funny thing was that I didn't know the rules yet. When the judges stopped the fight, I only watched the coach. And he was shouting, "Come on, fight!" There were no scoreboards then. It was all a joke. But gradually I became passionate about this dynamic sport and I never regretted it.

And at the Olympic Games in Moscow he won a bronze medal, jokingly defeating the German Thorsten Reisman, from whom he had only losses until then. After the end of his racing career, Ilian Nedkov is also the head coach of our national team (2006-2010).

Silver World University Championships 1984 Strasbourg Men,71 kg
Bonze European Championships 1981 Debrecen (Hungary) Men,71 kg
Bonze Olympic Games 1980 Moscow Men,65 kg