Ivaylo Ivanov

Born: July 20, 1994 in Montana

Ivaylo Ivanov is our most successful judoka in recent years.
Winner of three medals from European championships. And seventh at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

He is the first Bulgarian with a medal from the prestigious Masters tournament - bronze in Doha 2021.

Ivanov is also successful in sambo - he won a silver medal at the World Championships in Narita (Japan) in 2014, he also won a bronze medal a year earlier.

Silver Grand Slam 2024 Tashtent (Uzbekistan) Men,90 kg
Bonze Grand Slam 2024 Baku (AZE) Men,90 kg
Silver Grand Slam 2023 Baku (AZE) Men,90 kg
Bonze Grand Slam 2023 Antalya (Turkey) Men,90 kg
Gold Grand Prix 2023 Almada (Portugal) Men,90 kg
Gold European Cup 2022 Prague (Czech) Men,90 kg
Silver Masters 2021 Doha (Qatar) Men,81 kg
Silver European Championships 2020 Prague ( Czech) Men,81 kg
Gold World Military Championships 2019 Wuhan (China) Men,81 kg
Silver European Olympic Games 2019 Minsk (Belarus) Men,81 kg
Bonze Grand Prix 2019 Будапеща Men,81 kg
Silver World Cup 2019 Baku Men,81 kg
Gold World Cup 2019 Marakesh, Morocco Men,81 kg
Silver World Cup 2019 Tel Aviv (Israel) Men,81 kg
Bonze European Championships 2016 Kazan (Russia) Men,81 kg
Silver European Championships 2015 Bratislava Men U23,81 kg
Gold European Championships 2013 Samokov Men U23,81 kg
Bonze European Championships 2013 Sarajevo ( Bosnia and Herzegovina) Juniors, men,81 kg
Gold European Championships 2010 Teplice (Czech Republic) Cadets, men,73 kg